I want to join an existing conversation scope.

 I start the conversation with:


I got close with using the following which seems to work:

 @Inject @Http CoversationContext context;


However I'm seeing a warning in the log which suggests I'm not getting it right.

WARN: WELD-000335: Conversation context is already active, most likely it was 
not cleaned up properly during previous request processing: 
HttpServletRequestImpl [ POST /path/to/url ]

I'm also happy if there is an alternative way to just drop the conversation and 
recreate (so long as I can continue using the same custom conversation ID) I'm 
trying to avoid the user reloading the page multiple times filling up memory 
with duplicates of the same package data.

I also considered using a @SessionScoped bean but I thought if I can set the 
package ID to be the conversation ID then I can avoid the need to manage a 
@SessionScoped bean.

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