Follow-up Comment #2, bug #10592 (project wesnoth):

> I'm suprised to see a bugreport from 2007 complaing about wesnoth 1.13 

It's clearly a typo, 1.3 is meant.

>> 3. People prefer to play with the same faction; 
> Actually i'd disagree on both, players often play different factions (so
that don't use random faction special because they don't want to play with the
same faction twice)

I disagree with your disagreement. There are new players, players who have
favorite factions, players who wish to master a specific faction...
OK, this one is subjective.

>> 2. It's more likely that user is playing several local games in a row and
several network games after, then interchanging the type. 
> it's posible that people play a local game on a new map first to get an
overview of the map and then play on the mp server vs. humans. 

It's possible, but interchanging play type is a rare case - most times, if you
play several games in a row, you more frequently play the same type of game
than not.

> Also note that the mp create/connect has changes quite a bit since 2007 so
this might no longer be an issue.

Well, it still is.


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