Picture: Queen Elizabeth arriving for the Sandrigham summit yesterday "to
deal with this Meghan Markle Shnegan nyarkle".

The British aristocracy, the British establishment and the British media
have all ganged up like an enraged racist mob to publicly crucify, harass,
malign, insult, defame, persecute, and discriminate against a mixed race
lady for no apparent reason whatsoever. What about everyone simply minding
their own business?
A marriage is the holiest and most sacred of human relations. There is no
bigger evil than trying to split a marriage. Especially with the trauma
that this brings to children.
Experience shows that when outsiders start claiming that a woman is
controlling her man, it means that the couples marriage is working. But we
seem to be seeing a hitherto hidden unwritten code of bigotry coming to
light. One that believes that the black lady has no freedoms, nor
individual liberties, and cannot live according to the common aspirations
that she shares together with her husband.
For the record, what crime exactly has she or her husband committed?
Let's try to find out what she has done wrong under modern British law, or
the Magna Carta 1215, or the Bill of Rights 1628, or the rights of man and
of the citizen 1789, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10th
December 1948.
Listening to the overwhelming trend in the cacophony of hate, one might
think these laws and principles apply based on skin color, or that the lady
and her beloved husband are not mature individuals above 18 years of age.
Lastly, it is quite preposterous, possibly even demented, for a grandmother
to summon a family meeting, and call it mbu "The Sandrigham Summit."
Unless it is the kind of political rhetoric used by the 93 year old to lay
the financial burden of all her families activities on the British taxpayer
by cunningly making the family meeting sound like a matter of the state.
Clearly therefore an utter abuse of an unsolicited and unelected position
atop the British people, complete with a public press release by grandma at
the end. Lol

By Hussein Lumumba Amin
14th Jan 2020
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