sometimes a startet WGET via PHP

with         system("wget -t 2 -T 5 -w 1 -o $log -P $url1 $url2",$forken);
or with    system("wget  -o $log -P $url1 $url2",$forken);

i receive Unable to fork ..., that means the script limit of my Provider is reached.

so i have make it so, that not more than 5 Script started at the same time, but sometimes the Error message occurs.

The Support of my provider means, that the some Wget-processes hang up hereself and dont terminate, so after a while, i have more than 5 Scripts running.

my question, how can i kill any hanging Wget-process or how can i Know how many processes running at the moment..
or is there any option to solve this problem.

I know my english is not the best,  sorry....

thank you
tom toepel


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