Jan Prikryl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It seems that -lsocket is not found as it requires -lnsl for
> linking. -lnsl is not detected as it does not contain
> `gethostbyname()' function.

That's weird.  What does libnsl contain if not gethostbyname()?

> -AC_CHECK_FUNCS(uname gethostname)
>+AC_CHECK_FUNCS(gethostname, [], [
>+  AC_CHECK_LIB(nsl, gethostname)

Jan, you must be confusing something here.  gethostname() only gets
the local host name, and is just a wrapper for the appropriate uname()
or sysinfo() call.  It has nothing to do with name server lookups,
which is what libnsl is supposed to do.

>+  linux*) dash_r="-Wl,rpath " ;;

This part is correct, except we probably want addition of -Wl, on
otherh systems where we use Gcc, too.

Perhaps we really should try to write a libtool-based macro named

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