> Jan Prikryl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > It seems that -lsocket is not found as it requires -lnsl for
> > linking. -lnsl is not detected as it does not contain
> > `gethostbyname()' function.
> That's weird.  What does libnsl contain if not gethostbyname()?

It seems to contain `gethostname()' ... see the config.log submitted
in one of the previous emails. But it's a very long distance shot: if,
after adding -lsocket -lnsl everything works correctly and if with
-lsocket only the linker complains about missing 'yp_*()' functions
and also missing `gethostname()' and `getdomainname()', I thinks it's
likely that these functions are defined in -lnsl. Of course, if -lnsl
has built in dependency on some other library, the situation might be
completely different.

> Jan, you must be confusing something here.  gethostname() only gets
> the local host name, and is just a wrapper for the appropriate
> uname() or sysinfo() call.  It has nothing to do with name server
> lookups, which is what libnsl is supposed to do.

Probably, but are you sure that this is true on _all_ systems?

> Perhaps we really should try to write a libtool-based macro named

Perhaps it would be more portable then.

-- jan

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