I want to use wildcards because I need to download
jpg-files that are named in a different formart such
as "[year][month][day].[number].jpg".

I could use this normal command:

[begin command]
wget http://www.website.com/20030510.0500.jpg -r -l1
--no-parent -w 1

But this did not work:

[begin command]
wget http://www.website.com/20030[1-12]10.0500.jpg -r
-l1 --no-parent -w 1


[begin command]
wget http://www.website.com/ -A 20030[1-12]10.0500.jpg
-r -l1 --no-parent -w 1

I think the "-A" and "--acclist" flag is usefull for
FTP downloads and not for HTTP I think. I am looking
forward to hearing some suggestions.

Thank you.

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