> From: Hrvoje Niksic [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> This might be one cause for compilation breakage in html-parse.c.
> It's a Gcc-ism/c99-ism/c++-ism, depending on how you look at it, fixed
> by this patch:
> 2003-10-03  Hrvoje Niksic  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>       * html-parse.c (convert_and_copy): Move variable declarations
>       before statements.

Either this or another patch resolved - I didn't have time to track it down
for good. Didn't even read the Changelog, just a quick export, make, minimal
test, put up on site.
New msvc binary from current cvs at http://xoomer.virgilio.it/hherold
(yes, ISP decided to change the url. Old urls do still work).


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