I'm a big fan of wget. I've been usnig it for quite a while now, and am now testing the 1.9beta3 on win2k.

First of all, I'd like to suggest a couple of things:
# it should be possible to tell wget to ignore a couple of errors:
FTPLOGINC // FTPs often give out this error when they're full. I want it to keep trying
CONREFUSED // the FTP may be temporarily down
FTPLOGREFUSED // the FTP may be full
FTPSRVERR // freakish errors happen every once in a while

# if I tell to download files from a list, and it fails, it should still obey the waitretry timeout as was pointed out by someone else earlier (I don't have the time right now to go look for the post)

and now for the problem:

Apparently, when wget has a problem during a transfer in win32 and dies, it the starts saying:
"failed: No such file or directory"

this has hapened to me on HTTPs, I have to check to see what the real error is (I'm guessing CONREFUSED), but it shouldn't be givin this error anyway.

thanks for everything ;)

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