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> Hello Everyone,
> I am new to this wget utility, so pardon my ignorance.. Here is a
> brief explanation of what I am currently doing:
> 1). I go to our customer's website every day & log in using a User Name & Password.
> 2). I click on 3 links before I get to the page I want.
> 3). I right-click on the page & choose "view source". It opens it up in Notepad.
> 4). I save the "source" to a file & subsequently perform various tasks on that file.
> As you can see, it is a manual process. What I would like to do is
> automate this process of obtaining the "source" of a page using
> wget. Is this possible? Maybe you can give me some suggestions.

It's possible, in fact it's what Wget does in its most basic form.
Disregarding authentication, the recipe would be:

1) Write down the URL.

2) Type `wget URL' and you get the source of the page in file named
   SOMETHING.html, where SOMETHING is the file name that the URL ends

Of course, you will also have to specify the credentials to the page,
and Tony explained how to do that.

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