Dan Jacobson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> -q and -S are incompatible and should perhaps produce errors and be
> noted thus in the docs.

They seem to work as I'd expect -- `-q' tells Wget to print *nothing*,
and that's what happens.  The output Wget would have generated does
contain HTTP headers, among other things, but it never gets printed.

> BTW, there seems no way to get the -S output, but no progress
> indicator.  -nv, -q kill them both.

It's a bug that `-nv' kills `-S' output, I think.

> P.S. one shouldn't have to confirm each bug submission. Once should
> be enough.

You're right.  :-(  I'll ask the sunsite people if there's a way to
establish some form of white lists...

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