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> On Tuesday 07 of October 2003 12:08, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
>> Thanks!
> btw. looking into test4 I see that autoconf conception is used in
> weird way. Normally aclocal.m4 is autogenerated by aclocal command

"Normally" only if you're also using Automake.  Wget doesn't use
Automake and therefore has no use for `aclocal'.

> You are seem to put all macros (even local macros!) inside of
> aclocal.m4.

Yes, local macros are in aclocal.m4 -- that's how it got its name.
Autoconf manual says:

    To create a `configure' script with Autoconf, you need to write an
    Autoconf input file `' (or `') and run
    `autoconf' on it.  If you write your own feature tests to
    supplement those that come with Autoconf, you might also write
    files called `aclocal.m4' and `acsite.m4'.

Then, later:

    Those files [`aclocal.m4' and `acsite.m4'] can contain your site's
    or the package's own Autoconf macro definitions.

`acinclude.m4' is not even mentioned, so I must assume it's another
Automake thing.

> This is bad because it doesn't allow to regenerate autoconf/aclocal

The macros in aclocal.m4 are not autogenerated, therefore there is no
need for regeneration.  Am I missing something?

> We at PLD are right now patching wget to move all local macros into
> acinclude.m4 but it would be better if that was done properly at
> wget maintainers level :)

Could you explain the motivation behind the move from aclocal.m4 to

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