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I tried today a easy hax for one problem. It lead me to a situation
where wget should be able to follow more than 20
http-redirections. Now wget says "20 redirections exceeded". I
searched the manual even read the source code trying to find some
way to alter that number (20) but no luck.

In retr.c:


Increase the size to whatever you need.  However, are you sure that
you really need more than twenty redirections?  Is it possible that
Wget is in fact stuck in a redirection loop?

How many redirections would be enough for what you are diong?

Okay, that info suits me very well. I can compile my own wget with bigger number of redirects allowed if i need to. I'm doing something what one might consider as stupid - a database cleaning system in PHP (there's reason for that :) ) and database is so big that i've to refresh page constantly to avoid php timeout. That means my page refreshes itself about 25-30 times until the work is done.

I was a bit surprised when i was not allowed to change that option. Usually this kind of numbers are never hard coded ;) Nothing bad happened though, maybe i'll modify my code or compile new wget.

Thank you very much for information.

Jasmo Hiltula

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