"Beni Serfaty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I Think I found a bug when STANDALONE is defined on hash.c
> I hope I'm not missing something here...

Good catch, thanks.  I've applied a slightly different fix, appended

By the way, are you using hash.c in a project?  I'd like to hear if
you're satisfied with it and would be very interested in any
suggestions and, of course, bugs.  hash.c was written to be

Also note that you can get the latest version of the file (this fix
included) from http://svn.dotsrc.org/repo/wget/trunk/src/hash.c .

2006-03-06  Hrvoje Niksic  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * hash.c (TOLOWER): Fix definition when STANDALONE.
        Reported by Beni Serfaty.

Index: src/hash.c
--- src/hash.c  (revision 2119)
+++ src/hash.c  (working copy)
@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@
 # ifndef countof
 #  define countof(x) (sizeof (x) / sizeof ((x)[0]))
 # endif
-# define TOLOWER(x) ('A' <= (x) && (x) <= 'Z' ? (x) - 32 : (x))
+# include <ctype.h>
+# define TOLOWER(x) tolower ((unsigned char) x)
 # if __STDC_VERSION__ >= 199901L
 #  include <stdint.h>  /* for uintptr_t */
 # else

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