burning shadow wrote:
wget win32 visual c++ build crashing with --timeout option.
example command line:

wget.exe --timeout=30 --spider mail.ru

Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes. It seems it crashes triying
to resolve address. I get this output:

=== cut ===
--23:08:45--  http://mail.ru/
           => `index.html'
Resolving mail.ru...
=== cut ===

I attached drwatson log, maybe it will help to find the problem.

it seems you are using a very old version of wget. from the log you have attached, i can see the problem is in the map_ipv4_to_ip function, which according to the ChangeLog was removed from wget's source code on Oct 27th 2003.

could you please retry with a newer version of wget?

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