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Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Hello Micah,
> * Micah Cowan wrote on Sat, Oct 06, 2007 at 12:04:53AM CEST:
>> Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
>>> Remove all files that will be installed/governed by automake:
>>> (We keep deprecated mkinstalldirs for now, as po/Makefile.in.in still
>>> uses it.  We keep config.rpath until the switch to a newer gettext
>>> infrastructure.)
>>> svn remove config.guess config.sub install-sh doc/version.texi
>> As to the first three of these; wouldn't it be better to update them
>> _once_, and then not use --force as part of the autoreconf stuff? I
>> thought --force was for the occasion when you want to refresh a few
>> things, and not for habitual use?
> Sure.  But without --force, files installed by automake, such as
> install-sh, missing, config.guess etc., will not be updated.  The
> rationale for this behavior is to allow for local changes to these
> files to be preserved.  But yes, it is a free choice of yours to
> make, both approaches are viable.
>> I'll probably remove autogen.sh altogether, and just replace its use in
>> the instructions with autoreconf. And yes, configure.in will be renamed
>> to configure.ac
> Fine with me.  Should I post updated patches for all of these
> modifications?

I've already applied most of your patches so far, some with my own
tweaks/modifications. I've opted not to apply the patch to
Makefile.in.in to make src writable, because I'd prefer to have a broken
make distcheck than a falsely working one. :)

I also removed the realclean target (may decide to add it back in at
some point), as Automake has, IMO, more than enough *clean targets, and
leaving it out keeps the Makefile.am's cleaner.

I moved sample.wgetrc.munged_for_texi_inclusion from EXTRA_DIST to
wget_TEXINFOS, as this allowed "make doc" to work (it accidentally
worked for you with "make distcheck", because "make distcheck" built it
for the distribution; "make" wasn't working.

I also took some liberties with the ChangeLogs, reducing much of the
work done to, essentially, "Makefile.am: converted from Makefile.in for
automake", or something similar.

You can see my current progress at
http://hg.addictivecode.org/wget/automakify (get a copy of Mercurial and
"hg clone" from there to get a repository). If you could produce further
patches from that foundation, I'd appreciate it.

If getting Mercurial is inconvenient, I've temporarily enabled
tarballing at that location, so you can just fetch the tree by clicking
a bz2 or gz link; however, Mercurial is recommended, as you'll be able
to inspect the history of changes, and, if you use Mercurial to track
your own modifications, it'll be that much easier for me to pull or
import them from you. :)

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