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Marty Leisner wrote:
> Well, I got the mercurial version of wget to build (and look at).
> README.checkout talks about subversion, and autogen.sh (which isn't there,
> I did an autoreconf).

Right, I'd better fix that. The current information about how to
configure and build sources from the repository can be found at
http://wget.addictivecode.org/RepositoryAccess too (and it's currently
up-to-date there).

autoreconf is how I had been planning we should set up the configure
script and its prerequisites; however, I had been thinking I should
reinstate autogen.sh, as autoreconf appears to be rather inflexible, and
it may be that we want to do it another way at some point in the future.
Rather than reinstate autogen.sh in the future and update all the
documentation--again--I've gone ahead and put an autogen.sh back in,
which just does "exec autoreconf" for now.

> Also, there's a GNUmakefile in the repository -- I guess its not necessary
> to build (so we can configure in other directories).

It's not necessary to build; and in fact it includes Makefile. It comes
from gnulib, and offers maintainer support rules that I find useful.

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