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I'm thinking it may be appropriate at this time to broach the subject of
a mailing list migration.

In the year that I've been the maintainer for GNU Wget, the mailing list
at dotsrc.org has gone down twice, for several days at a time, and I'm
concerned about whether we might expect further such difficulties in the

When we do have issues, there's a tendency for responses to be a bit
slow. This is understandable, as dotsrc is a small, volunteer-run
organization serving the needs of many projects. But it would be nice to
 have more direct control over the service: for instance, to unsubscribe
people when they have trouble doing so themselves (and, perhaps, to
ensure that the spam blocker never affects unsubscribe attempts from
subscribed addresses).

Though it hasn't proven to be a problem yet, I think it would be helpful
to have unsubscribe or moderation ability, in the event that some
threads or posters get a little out of hand.

The downsides, of course, will be the temporary pain of moving to a new
address, the potential to lose some subscribers with the move, and
moving the current archives over to use the new mailing list.

The ideal upsides would be, more reliable service, and more direct
control over the subscription list and spam controls.

The two possibilities I can think of, are:

 - Set up a new mailing list at addictivecode.org (my VPS, where the
Wiki and source repos are at). The infrastructure is there already
(being used for [EMAIL PROTECTED]; there was also a
wget-committers list for folks with commit access, which is no longer
used). This has the advantage that the Wget maintainer will have root
access (so long as it continues to be me ;). The disadvantages are that
I may not have the time to spend that a dedicated sysadmin might, and
I'm not sure what kind of uptime I can guarantee, as services tend to
drop (OOM-killed) when Apache gets hit hard. There are ways around this,
but I haven't had time to spend on looking seriously at it. So far,
though, my uptimes have been a bit better than dotsrc's, at least.

 - Use [EMAIL PROTECTED] as the primary mailing list once again, and ask
the dotsrc folks to forward wget@sunsite.dk there. This has the
advantage that I will have control over the subscription list and
various other admin-level things (I hope?), and the GNU admins can
probably do a better job (maybe?) than either I or the dotsrc folks can,
at keeping services running smoothly.

What do y'all think?

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and GNU Wget Project Maintainer.
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