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> Hi,
> I am getting a strange bug when I use wget to download a binary file
> from a URL versus when I manually download.
> The attached ZIP file contains two files:
> 000005.upc --- manually downloaded
> dum.upc    --- downloaded through wget
> wget adds a number of ascii characters to the head of the file and seems
> to delete a similar number from the tail.
> So the file sizes are the same but the addition and deletion renders
> the file useless.
> Could you please direct me on if I should be using some specific
> option to avoind this problem?

In the future, it's useful to mention which version of Wget you're using.

The problem you're having is that the server is adding the extra HTML at
the front of your session, and then giving you the file contents anyway.
It's a bug in the PHP code that serves the file.

You're getting this extra content because you are not logged in when
you're fetching it. You need to have Wget send a cookie with an
login-session information, and then the server will probably stop
sending the corrupting information at the head of the file. The site
does not appear to use HTTP's authentication mechanisms, so the
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> bit in the URL doesn't do you any good. It uses
Forms-and-cookies authentication.

Hopefully, you're using a browser that stores its cookies in a text
format, or that is capable of exporting to a text format. In that case,
you can just ensure that you're logged in in your browser, and use the
- --load-cookies=<cookies.txt> option to Wget to use the same session

Otherwise, you'll need to use --save-cookies with Wget to simulate the
login form post, which is tricky and requires some understanding of HTML

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