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Juon, Stefan wrote:
> Well, here is the index.html (I'm not sure wheter is also accessible in the 
> maillist as I send it as attachement?) 

Sorry, I somehow failed to notice this post. :\

The index.html file that the proxy generated is invalid. Apparently it
wants to tack on ^M (carriage return, \r) after every filename, as a
literal part of the link. It looks like Wget doesn't even acknowledge
links like that; but even if it did, it'd send a request to the proxy like:

  GET /CommonUpdater/avvdat-XXXX.zip%0D

rather than

  GET /CommonUpdater/avvdat-XXXX.zip

so it would still most likely fail to get a real file (though it _might_
work, if the proxy and/or the FTP server are a little sloppy).

One likely explanation for this, seems to me, is that the proxy gets
back the LIST response like:

  foo CR LF
  bar CR LF

and removes the LFs while leaving in the CR, and spitting them out as
part of the link. That's really poor behavior, considering that FTP
servers _ought_ to send CR LF (and not bare LF), as it's supposed to use
"telnet conventions".

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