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houda hocine wrote:
>  Hi,

Hi houda.

This message was sent to the wget-notify, which was not the proper
forum. Wget-notify is reserved for bug-change and (previously) commit
notifications, and is not intended for discussion (though I obviously
haven't blocked discussions; the original intent was to be able to
discuss commits, but I'm not sure I need to allow discussions any more,
so it may be disallowed soon).

The appropriate list would be wget@sunsite.dk, to which this discussion
has been redirected.

> we create a new format for archiviving (. warc), and we want to ensure
> that wget generate directly this format from the input url .
> You can help me by some ideas  to achieve this new option?
> The format is (warc -wget url)
> I am in the process of trying to understand the source code to add this
> new option.  Which .c  file fallows me to do this?

Doing this is not likely to be a trivial undertaking: the current
file-output interface isn't really abstracted enough to allow this, so
basically you'll need to modify most of the existing .c files. We are
hoping at some future point to allow for a more generic output format,
for direct output to (for instance) tarballs and .mhtml archives. At
that point, it'd probably be fairly easy to write extensions to do what
you want.

In the meantime, though, it'll be a pain in the butt. I can't really
offer much help; the best way to understand the source is to read and
explore it. However, on the general topic of adding new options to Wget,
Tony Lewis has written the excellent guide at
http://wget.addictivecode.org/OptionsHowto. Hope that helps!

Please note that I won't likely be entertaining patches to Wget to make
it output to non-mainstream archive formats, and even once generic
output mechanisms are supported, the mainstream archive formats will
most likely be supported as extension plugins or similar, and not as
built-in support within Wget.

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