* Gisle Vanem ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> 'program_name' is used in lib/error.c, but it is not allocated anywhere. 
> Should it be added to main.c and initialised to exec_name?

$cd wget-mainline
$find . -name '*.[ch]' -exec fgrep -H -n 'program_name' '{}' \;
./lib/error.c:63:# define program_name program_invocation_name
./lib/error.c:95:/* The calling program should define program_name and set it 
to the
./lib/error.c:97:extern char *program_name;
./lib/error.c:248:      __fxprintf (NULL, "%s: ", program_name);
./lib/error.c:250:      fprintf (stderr, "%s: ", program_name);
./lib/error.c:307:      __fxprintf (NULL, "%s:", program_name);
./lib/error.c:309:      fprintf (stderr, "%s:", program_name);
./src/netrc.c:463:  char *program_name, *file, *target;
./src/netrc.c:472:  program_name = argv[0];

Google for that and you will find the corresponding man page. Like it's
written here 
        "These variables are automatically initialised by the glibc run-time
         startup code."

I've also opened Wget with GDB: the variable exists but seems to point to
a bad memory area... 

Saint Xavier.

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