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Maksim Ivanov wrote:
> I'm trying to download the same file from the same server, command line
> I use:
> wget --debug -o log  -c -t 0 --load-cookies=cookie_file
> http://rapidshare.com/files/153131390/Blind-Test.rar
> Below attached 2 files: log with 1.9.1 and log with 1.10.2
> Both logs are made when Blind-Test.rar was already on my HDD.
> Sorry for some "mess" in logs, but russian language used on my console.

Thanks very much for providing these, Maksim; they were very helpful.
(Sorry for getting back to you so late: it's been busy lately).

I've confirmed this behavioral difference (though I compared the current
development sources against 1.8.2, rather than 1.10.2 to 1.9.1). Your
logs involve a 302 redirection before arriving at the real file, but
that's just a red herring.

The difference is that when 1.9.1 encountered a server that would
respond to a byte-range request with "200" (meaning it doesn't know how
to send partial contents), but with a Content-Length value matching the
size of the local file, then wget would close the connection and not
proceed to redownload. 1.10.2, on the other hand, would just re-download it.

Actually, I'll have to confirm this, but I think that current Wget will
re-download it, but not overwrite the current content, until it arrives
at some content corresponding to bytes beyond the current content.

I need to investigate further to see if this change was somehow
intentional (though I can't imagine what the reasoning would be); if I
don't find a good reason not to, I'll revert this behavior. Probably for
the 1.12 release, but I might possibly punt it to 1.13 on the grounds
that it's not a recent regression (however, it should really be a quick
fix, so most likely it'll be in for 1.12).

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