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kalpana ravi wrote:
> Hi Everybody,

Hi kalpana,

You sent this message to me and "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"; you

> My name is kalpana Ravi.I am planning to contribute to add one of the
> features listed in https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?22089. For that i need to
> know the design diagrams to understand better. Does anybody know where the
> UML diagrams are there?

We don't have UML diagrams for wget: you'll just have to read the
sources (which, unfortunately, are messy). I have some rough-draft
diagrams of how I _want_ wget to look eventually, but I'm not done with
those, and anyway they wouldn't help you with wget now. Even if you had
the UML diagrams for the current state, you'd still need to understand
the sources; I really don't think they'd help you much.

More important than understanding the design, is understanding what
needs to be done; we're still getting a grip on that. My current thought
is that there should be a --query-reject (and probably --query-accept,
though the former seems far more useful) that should be matched against
key/value pairs; thus, --query-reject 'foo=bar&action=edit' would reject
anything that has "foo=bar" and "action=edit" as the key/value pairs in
the query string, even if they're not actually next to each other; an
example rejected URL might be

Not all query strings are in the "key=value" format, so "--query-reject
'abc1254' would be allowed, and match against the entire query string.

For an idea how URL filename matching is currently done, you might check
out "acceptable" src/util.c and the functions it calls, to get an idea
of how query matching might be implemented. However, I'll probably
tackle this bug myself pretty soon if no one else has managed it yet, as
I'm very interested in getting Wget 1.12 finished before long into the
new year (ideally, _before_ the new year, but that probably ain't gonna

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