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Currently, this:

   <meter value="0.25">400k / 16,000k</meter>

...will show a 25% meter, and this:

   <meter>400k / 16,000k</meter>

...will show a 2.5% meter.

Assuming you meant 2.5%, I think that's a great example of why in fact not
requiring the attribute is a good thing.

The attribute may be of a standardized format, but the content ought to be localizable, shouldn't it?

If so, number formats varies around the world, how should these be handled?

    <meter>12.20 / 3,000.00</meter>
    <meter>12,20 / 3 000,00</meter>
    <meter>12,20 / 3.000,00</meter>

I don't think it is possible to extract localized numbers reliably without knowing the locale first, and you may not want the browser trying to be that *clever* either.

See <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_separator> for some more formats.

All this means that if someone relies on setting the content in a web application to set the value and maximum, when later the application is internationalized the meter will misbehave until you add the attribute. It will misbehave but only when having thousand separators or decimal values -- any such error may be left unnoticed easily.

Michel Fortin

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