On 11 Dec 2007, at 18:15, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:

El Mar 11 Dic 2007, Dave Singer escribió:
I'm sure that many people would be happy to see a mandate if someone
were willing to offer an indemnity against risk here.  You seem quite
convinced there is no risk;  are you willing to offer the indemnity?

No. Unlike Apple, I don't have a huge patent portfolio. My patent count reaches the awesome number of *zero*. Would you be willing to offer patent indemnity to unlicensed users of your Apple AAC audio format? Because I fail to see why leaving users without a free choice for audio *helps* things. I
dunno, maybe I'm just dumb as a rock.

That's not what Dave is meaning: If Apple gets sued for patent infringement, will you pay however many billion USD they have to? If you truly believe there are no patents covering Ogg/etc. then you can safely agree knowing that you'll never have to give away any of your money.

Geoffrey Sneddon

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