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On Mon, 14 Jul 2008, Aaron Leventhal wrote:

Now that tabindex can be used on any element to make it focusable, it
makes sense that it should be possible to trigger a click on those
elements with the keyboard.

Opera maps Enter to click. As far as I know, other browsers only do that
for a few elements like<a>.

What do people think? Should it be spec'd? Interactive content, paragraph 3:

| When activation is performed via some method other than clicking the
| pointing device, the default action of the event that triggers the
| activation must, instead of being activating the element directly, be to
| fire a click event on the same element.

Last I checked that doesn't say each focusable element actually gets activation behavior as well. Here's an example:

  <div tabindex=0 onclick=alert(0)>TEST</div>

The specification states that only certain elements are "interactive content", not everything that's focusable.

Anne van Kesteren

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