Am 04.02.2010 01:00, schrieb Tim Hutt:
On 3 February 2010 23:16, Boris Zbarsky<>  wrote:
On 2/3/10 6:12 PM, Tim Hutt wrote:
Ah yes that works nicely
Hmm maybe I spoke too soon. The interaction of the CSS size and the
canvas.width/height is confounding! It seems if you set a CSS width
of, say 80% then that is that and you are stuck with it. Unfortunately
it doesn't round to the nearest pixel!

I have created a test case here: (the source is nicely
formatted and very short)

If anyone can get it to work as described on that page, then thank
you! Otherwise I think things need to be changed to make it possible.
This one satisfies at least the styling conditions (in Firefox and Chrome):
* The canvas has 80% width
* The canvas has 50% height (This one worked in Firefox only after setting height 100% on body and html. Strange...)
* Resizes when the browser resizes
* Is centered
I only couldn't figure out the "Always draw a non-aliased pattern of lines" part in Firefox. I tried some stuff, but it didn't work.

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