On 3/11/2010 10:31 AM, Ian Hickson wrote:
On Thu, 11 Mar 2010, Brett Zamir wrote:
Is there really a need for a more dedicated mechanism? It's not clear
that there is much pent-up demand for this.
There wasn't a lot of pent up demand for the web itself either ("why
would people or companies want to link to other people's sites?"); if
people aren't able to use a feature or know of the concept, they might
not think of asking for it.
That's true, but we only have so many resources, so we have to prioritise.
Things that have pent-up demand are typically more important. :-)

I would recommend following a pattern somewhat like the Web's initial
development: create a proof of concept, and convince people that it's what
they want. That's the best way to get a feature adopted. This is described
in more detail in the FAQ:


Ok, fair enough. I think I'll try that as a browser extension, as well as possibly the other idea of a shared database API which I think has the potential to become an even more powerful feature (e.g., a local calendar to which any site could offer to add events and be viewed on the web or in a browser extension)... But there still may be some things (like an official auxiliary world language!) which can only show their real benefits (and potential demand) when implemented across the board...


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