2014-02-19 1:59, Ian Hickson wrote:

I would be interested in hearing more about the locales where not using
separators even for four digits is bad/suboptimal.

It would break a few national standards on number representation.

The point is that year numbers aren't really "numbers" in a normal sense, any more than car plate numbers, credit card numbers, product numbers, or social security numbers are. Surely they can be regarded as numbers, but so can car plate numbers and the others.

Breaking standards or practices documented at CLDR just because some 4-digit number might be a year number sounds like rather arbitrary.

It would be simpler to just say that <input type=number> is meant for normal numeric input where some locale definitions are supposed to apply. Using such an element normally makes sense only when we can expect the actual user input to be most often close to the initial value provided, so that the up and down functions make sense. For simply checking that the input is a digit sequence, <input type=text pattern=....> is much more natural.


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