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For what it's worth I just tried the following in Chrome, and if I type in
"12,34" then increment using the spinner it resets to zero, seeming to
indicate that the "," was rejected. Is that expected?

    data:text/html,<input type=number step=0.01 lang=fr>

It's expected.  Form controls in Google Chrome doesn't respect lang
attribute for now.  Form controls are always localized for browser's UI

We accepted entering grouping separators in the past. But we stopped it
users had to know their locale correctly. e.g. "1,234" has different
meaning in
French locale and English locale if we support grouping separators.

So essentially you assume any separator that is a decimal separator in any
locale is a decimal separator all cases? Even that approach would seem to
have the potential for unexpected results for users; for example, a user
types in "1,234" meaning 1234 but the input takes the value 1.234. Or
I misunderstand?

You're right.  Such confusion can happen even in WebKit/Blink
implementation. However, it's much better than accepting both of grouping
separator and decimal separator IMO.

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