On 15 March 2014 15:51, Kyle Simpson <get...@gmail.com> wrote:

> But there was … suggestions about markup-only mechanisms for handling …
> the use-cases in a way that … eliminate any need for script loaders.

Yep, markup is important for preparsers. <module>/<script type="module"> &
ES6 modules give us a solution for the future.

> If we are … ready to set that requirement aside, and admit that markup
> capabilities (<link rel=preload> and <script>) are for the straight linear
> a->b->c use-cases

They're not. <link rel=preload> is for preloading assets, <script> is for
loading & executing. If you mix promises in you can load & execute in
whatever order you want, linear or not.

> and that the more sophisticated use-cases … require logic that belongs in
> some form of "script loader"

Yep, ES6 have a handle on that, with markup & code. For legacy non-module
content, you can do what you want with preloading and promises.

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