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> Hi,
> Apologize if it was already discussed but I couldn't find a mail to this
> topic.

Yes, this was brought up a couple of times.
Last exchange was in Sept of 2012 (!):

> In one of the early drafts of Filter Effects we had filter operation
> support for HTML Canvas. We deferred it and IMO it makes more sense to have
> it as part of the Canvas specification text.
> I would suggest a filter attribute that takes a list of filter operations
> similar to the CSS Image filter function[1]. Similar to shadows[2], each
> drawing operation would be filtered. The API looks like this:
> partial interface CanvasRenderingContext2D {
>     attribute DOMString filter;
> }
> A filter DOMString could looks like: "contrast(50%) blur(3px)"
> With the combination of grouping in canvas[3] it would be possible to
> group drawing operations and filter them together.
> Filter functions include a reference to a <filter> element and a
> specification of SVG filters[4]. I am unsure if a reference do an element
> within a document can cause problems. If it does, we would just not support
> SVG filter references.

Yes, I'd prefer if we supported just the CSS filter shorthands for now.

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