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> I still don't understand.  Do you think that what Hixie is saying
> (about clicking on non-interactive text in <summary> toggling the
> <details>) is wrong?


> The behavior that Hixie describes is roughly what implementations do
> today.  In Blink, clicking on any bare text in the <summary> toggles
> the <details>, while clicking on an <input> does not.  However, Blink
> current behavior with <label> is different - it basically ignores the
> presence of the <label>, as far as I can tell, and still toggles the
> <details> even if the <label> is redirecting the click to an <input>.

Implementations today have the summary element as the focusable/interactive
this has several pros/cons what I am trying to achieve is to have the pros
defined as part of the feature.

I would strongly object to any suggestion that <summary> should only
> toggle <details> when you click on the disclosure triangle,

I cannot agree more, which is why I have brought up the issue here and
elsewhere. Hixie talks about platform conventions and UAs deciding,  and as
I have pointed out several times the OSX platform convention is just what
you describe. and as you say "would be terrible UI."

unless you
> add some additional markup like <label>.  That would be terrible UI.

I would prefer that the summary element acted as the label the disclosure
triangle of the details element, thus providing a reasonable default click
area and focus are and source for the accessible name of the control. I see
a few issues, which is why I have suggested allowing the use of <label> (to
provide both a clickable area that can be assigned by the author and
provide an explicit method to assign an accessible name)

1. When the summary element also includes links or other controls each with
their own accessible name, providing an unambiguous accessible name for the
disclosure triangle becomes problematic.
2. I have observed that assigning an accessible name for a control in the
shadow DOM from the DOM is not possible.  Thus my question to the

"What's the mechanism by which the anonymous control for details can be
assigned an accessible name?"



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