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> > I propose requestAutocomplete()[1] should return a Promise.  This has
been requested since the creation of this API[2][3] and seems like a
natural fit.  Web authors can then call requestAutocomplete() like this:
> I strongly support this.
> > Null would be passed on fulfillment* and
> `undefined` would be better, as that is what normal JavaScript functions
return when they have nothing to return.

So just pass no argument at all (i.e. arguments.length == 0)?  I was under
the impression some type of value should always be returned (but I'm biased
by blink/v8's current implementation).

> >  {"reason": <matching AutocompleteErrorEvent#reason>} would be passed
on rejection.
> Rejection reasons should always be instanceof Error:

Great, will figure out a way to subclass Error to provide some type of
"reason" property on the rejection argument.

Dan Beam

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