On Mon, 5 May 2014, Kenneth Russell wrote:
>> It would be great to design a new parallelism architecture for the 
>> web, but from a practical standpoint, no progress has been made in 
>> this area for a number of years, and web developers are hampered today 
>> by the absence of this information.

On  Monday, May 05, 2014 7:46 PM

Ian Hickson replied:

>Progress can be made imminently. Just tell me what you need. There's no
reason this has to >take a long time. The only reason it isn't in the spec
already is that it hasn't been >requested -- as far as I'm aware, until the
past week, the last person who mentioned it on >the list was me, several
years ago.

>If multiple vendors are interested in a more elaborate solution that
doesn't expose more >fingerprinting bits, we can do that right away. What
would be most helpful to do that is >detailed descriptions of use cases,
common pitfalls, experience with existing systems like >Apple's GCD,
strawman API proposals, and criticisms thereof.

It strikes me as though some liaison with Khronos.org might make sense:

There are already several score of major companies involved in the
manufacture of silicon that have come together to develop specs for such
things as WebGL and WebCL (Heterogeneous parallel computing in HTML5 web


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