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> > Thanks!
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> > Just to ensure this wasn't lost in the thread.
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> > What about X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff?
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> > Could we formalize it and remove the X and disable sniffing all
> > together?
> Do you mean for manifests specifically, or more generally?
I agree it's wrong to do it as a one-off, so was hoping to make it more
generally (since there seems to be a move on moving out of the CT model).

If that's not OK, then CSP is probably a reasonable way forward (I'll take
a look at the Service Worker thread to ensure we have a similar mitigation
in place).

For manifests specifically, it seems like a very odd feature. "Manifests
> don't have a MIME type normally, but if served with this header, then you
> should also change how you determine if a manifest is a manifest"?
> If we just want a way to prevent pages that aren't supposed to be
> manifests from being treated as manifests, I think it'd be better to have
> a CSP directive that disables manifests. Then you would apply it to any
> resource you know you don't want cached, don't want to be treated as being
> able to declare a manifests, and don't want treated as a manifest.
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