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> roc was asking which NEW feature is being added that can be done in
> script.

He asked which new features have already been added that can be done
efficiently in script.  Element.closest() was added less than a week ago.

But again, image decoding *can't* be done efficiently in script:
platform-independent code with performance competitive with native SIMD
assembly is a thing of myth.  (People have been trying unsuccessfully to do
that since day one of MMX, so it's irrelevant until the day it actually
happens.)  Anyhow, I think I'll stop helping to derail this thread and
return to the subject.

Noel, if you're still around, I'd suggest fleshing out your suggestion by
providing some real-world benchmarks that compare the PNG compression rates
against the relative time it takes to compress.  If spending 10x the
compression time gains you a 50% improvement in compression, that's a lot
more compelling than if it only gains you 10%.  I don't know what the
numbers are myself.

Glenn Maynard

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