On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 7:16 PM, Ian Hickson <i...@hixie.ch> wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, Matthew Noorenberghe wrote:
>> Is it intentional that there is no HTMLSelectElement.autocomplete IDL
>> attribute? Both <input> and <textarea> have it so there is currently
>> inconsistency.
> Woops. Totally an oversight on my part. When I added autocomplete to
> select recently, I forgot to fix that.
> Fixed. Thanks.
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, Luis Farzati wrote:
>> I would like to insist on the datalist proposition I posted on this list
>> (didn't caught any interest, though).
>> A datalist for select would enable to have the contents of a select
>> defined externally, and would also enable the reuse of this data.
>> I don't see why datalist can be applied to an input and not to a select.
> Don't worry, your e-mail is in the queue! Requests for features tend to
> take a bit longer for me to deal with than simple bug reports, though.
> On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, Dan Beam wrote:
>> It'd be nice to avoid more attribute accessors (and encourage authors to
>> use getAttribute() instead), but if <input> and <textarea> have them we
>> should probably be consistent.
> Can you elaborate on the cost of attribute accessors?

Namespace exhaustion (maybe form.autocomplete() would've worked
instead of requestAutocomplete() if autocomplete="" hadn't taken it?),
multiple ways to do things (vs getAttribute), longer
specs/IDLs/compile times.

Dan Beam

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