I'd like to propose that the select element could be shown either as a) a
dropdown list (current UI), b) a list of checkboxes c) a list of radio

The rationale here is that all of them share exactly the same behavior,
it's just a matter of which widget style do we want to show.

The select element provides both exclusive and inclusive selection, in
other words, you can pick either a single option or many of them. This is
also achievable with checkboxes or radio buttons (with more or less

A select element has a collection of option with a label and a value,
pretty much the same goes with checkboxes and radio buttons.

In the end, the goal is the same: to let the user pick an item (or more)
which translates in a set of values.

It would certainly make development easier if you can code this selection
once (semantically speaking) and then (re-)style it many times with a
single line of CSS code.

Maybe something like:

list-options-style: dropdown | checkbox | radio

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