Is it not possible to transfer all canvas' 2D feature into WebGL appearance to 
make a 3D context? Everything the same except that when setting the getCentext, 
you pass 3D instead of 2D. This will make for a more friendly yet familiar tool 
to use. Utilizing WebGL with set features as 2D getContext. I believe this 
proposal is worth looking at and giving thought to; all one would have to do is 
define the API of 2D context in WebGL to have a easy 3D context, ensnare if I 
it's limited, or won't showcase the full capability that is WebGL, it'll allow 
those to take a step toward WebGL by introducing it in a familiar API. 

var ctx = canvas.getContext("2D");
Var ctx = canvas.getContext("3D");

By predefining all the feature of 2D context into WebGL to render them in 3D 
context. By doing so, giving a friendly to use, familiar API to work with, 
instead of learning a library.(some of us believe in non library programming). 
Please take interest, or at least thought of mind of this ideal... Seeing that 
the canvas feature are few, I can't see how hard this would be for an 
evangelist to complete in an hour or so.


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