I occasionally have had to deal live XML feeds over HTTP
The server continuously sent HTTP chunks during the lifetime of the HTTP 
connection, meaning, until the client close the connection.

I used a SAX JS lib and, on readystate === 3,  had to continuously check body 
changes via a setInterval callback.
While the body started to be too big, I also had to create  a new request and 
close the previous one once the new connection was ready
(and of course I had to take care of potential duplicates)

Other Comet technics could have been used, but I already have hard time to get 
at least this option

Of course, today, I'd do my best to ask for Web Socket of Server-Sent Event 
alternatives, but I'm not sure I would have get it in the same situation.

With XHR2, I wondered if there could be a way to not full the body property but 
receive the content in some 'chunk' event.data property

I wonder now if such fetch API could be a better place to manage such use case


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