Folks at Mozilla and Google would like to standardize the `brand-color` meta 
extension. The `brand-color` keyword has been added to the MetaExtensions 
WHATWG wiki and a rough spec is below (prepared by some folks at Google).  

# Overview

The browser will use this brand color when distinct color is needed, i.e. it 
could be used as Web App’s title bar.

Other browsers have similar features, but each defined as its own specific meta 
tag, IE uses mapplication-navbutton-color, Safari’s is 
apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style, they are all similar with brand-color, 
but have a little different usage.

# Syntax

<meta name="brand-color" content="#0000ff">

The content attribute can be any value defined in css color specification , the value might be adjusted by browser if it 
is not proper for display, i.e. extremely bright. the leading and trailing 
whitespace (defined in is 
The brand-color meta tag must be in head element, If there are multiple 
brand-color meta tags in head element, first one takes effect. 
Brand color could be changed by script, browser shall respect this change.

Relevant issues/discussions:!msg/blink-dev/nzRY-h_-_ig/IeXq74xUWzkJ


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