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(The current proposal would place all the direct HTML children of SVG
elements on top of each other, similar to abspos, but grandchildren
would render normally, in a CSS layout model.)

Isn't content outside of <svg> clipped though?

Ugh, yeah, <svg> is overflow:hidden by default.

True, and changing that would likely break some svg content.

It would be interesting to investigate if it's possible to change so that inline <svg> defaults to 'overflow:visible'. All current browsers properly handle 'overflow:visible' on inline <svg> elements, and last I checked MSIE had 'overflow:visibile' as the default for inline <svg> elements.

How many of these crazy sites were there? I'd hate to flounder on such
an important change due to just a handful of idiotically-authored
sites.  Better integration of HTML and SVG (and blocking any further
element copying beyond the four existing elements) is really


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