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> For |notificationshow|, there is a worry here that if we decide to support
> delayed notifications, it would enable developers to use notifications to
> set precise timers: create a delayed notification to be displayed an hour
> from now, get the |notificationshow| event, and call
> |notification.close()|. This is something which I'd hope would only be
> possible through some kind of alarms API, which in itself may be
> undesirable to start with.

Actually, it would probably be fine for delayed notifications to fire a
notificationshow event on SWs, as long as script run from the
notificationshow event is unable to close the notification (but
altering/replacing the notification should be allowed).

The protection against developers wasting battery with excessively frequent
'alarms' is then that they won't want to spam users with notifications (or
will get their notification permission swiftly revoked if they do).

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> Peter

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