Den 15-08-2014 kl. 01:54 skrev Michael Henretty:
On this note, it would be useful if content could query the UA for the
default behaviors of any notifications it would send. Also, it would be
nice to know which of these behaviors could be overridden by the "behavior"
options. Perhaps something like:

var promise = Notification.getBehaviors();
promise.then(function (behaviors) {}

with behaviors looking something like this:

   "vibrate": {
     "default": true,
     "overridable": false

So, each behavior would have a default (which the system determines through
platform support and user settings), and whether or not the behavior is
overridable for the current content script. The way an app could have the
information necessary to degrade gracefully.

I would rather have the user agent automatically choose a suitable fallback if it didn't support the combination of behaviors you requested, or if they were disabled by user preferences.

But I think that would require the behaviors to be specified by content at a higher level.

/Jesper Kristensen

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