From: whatwg <> on behalf of Mike 

> I really believe that the notification api is a related topic but can exist 
> as a separate api used in page icon. I think it’s a good idea not to bind 
> them together.

I think there are potentially three distinct APIs:

1. Icons
2. Notifications
3. Numeric badge

1 is clearly solved by <link rel="icon"> already. Proposing new solutions is 
pointless since by the time browsers implement those they might as well 
implement/fix their <link rel="icon"> handling.

2 already exists

The question I see you raising is whether 3 should be tied to 2 or separate. I 
believe in most native platforms they are tied together, but I agree that they 
could be separate. More investigative work would be needed to really explore 
the problem space.

+Marcos because he is really good at that kind of investigative work, and might 
have some idea what FFOS is doing for numeric badges.

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