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I do not think an API would be the solution for facing the need of standards in sensors.

I agree, however in the need of a solution -- a kind of standarized solution -- for the forthcoming trends in data collection.

XML worked pretty well for this half a decade a go or more, I guess. Personally, I do not see JSON as a solution appliable to this concern.

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On 2014-09-12 12:45, Arpita Bahuguna wrote:
Hello all,

Some of us were pondering over the need of having Web API(s) for health and
similar other sensors. With the growing presence of such sensors on
smart-watches and such, we believe a Web interface for retrieving data from
such sensors is required (especially for Web Apps).

Towards that end, we would like to know whether any work has been done
towards creating a Web API for Health Sensors (and the like).

Currently, the health sensor data is available only for native apps.

Would appreciate the community's opinion on the same. Also, if such a
standard is already under development, could someone kindly point us in the
right direction?


Arpita Bahuguna

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