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- Make the end tag optional and have <menuitem>, <menu> and <hr>
generate implied </menuitem> end tags. (Maybe other tags like <li> and
<p> can also imply </menuitem>.) The label attribute be honored if
specified, otherwise use the textContent with leading and trailing
whitespace trimmed.

This would allow either syntax unless I'm missing something.

That's another option, yeah. Probably the best so far if we can't just
power through and break the sites in question. It's not yet clear to me
how many sites we're talking about here and how possible it is to
evaneglise them.

In httparchive http://bigqueri.es/t/analyzing-html-css-and-javascript-response-bodies/442 :

A related issue that has come up is <menu type=context> vs <menu type=popup>.

* 10070 pages use <menu type=context>
* 0 pages use <menu type=popup>
* 100 pages use <menu type=toolbar> or some other value


Based on this I suggest we rename popup to context in the spec.

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