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>> On Mar 20, 2015, at 7:12 AM, Jens Oliver Meiert <j...@meiert.com> wrote: So 
>> it's already possible, right? :)
> Maybe, with a lot of expensive Javascript coding. Of course, anything is 
> possible with a lot of expensive coding. The goal should be to make it 
> simple. That's why Facebook has 1.5 billion users while there are only a few 
> hundred thousand front-end Javascript framework developers.
>> Even if HTML would accommodate, how would we know we're not just moving 
>> complexity from one end to the other? Would we want that? Why? *
> The goal should be to make things simpler, not more complex. People should 
> pick up on it quickly. Were you able to pick up on my example quickly? How 
> long would it take to learn a Javascript framework? 
> At the very least, the entire goal is to have browsers, by default & 
> out-of-the-box, be able to serve pages as fast as possible. You're competing 
> against native apps that already do so, and you're losing. Those 10s of 
> milliseconds are important to the user.
> -bobby
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> I do not catch the simil between an app (Facebook) vs. the future of HTML6, 
> my excuses. I do not remember neither hold the notion that the needs of HTML5 
> were build due to the highest succes of the MySpace platform, during those 
> early days.
> I do no think that account number of users may define any standard, mainly 
> because of the audience (user) are just this, audience.
> I like the idea and the schema to simplify and avoid unnecessary frameworks, 
> but this should be implemented in a higher level, i.e the DOM.
> Time to render apps or pages does not depend only on the ability of the 
> developer, but on the will of the companies that provide access to the net. 
> So the simpler, the better, for we cannot presume of the values of lenght and 
> latence by the services provided by this companies, when we are connecting 
> through an external service.
> For Intranets, the present model works quite good. And your proposal soounds 
> brilliant to me.
> I am thinking now on the SMTP/Mail protocol scenario, not yet abbandoned, and 
> I guess that will be a good start to decide means for future goals.
> Best
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